RISC-V Atom is an open-source soft-core processor platform targeted for FPGAs. It is based on the open-source loyality-free RISC-V ISA. It is complete hardware prototyping and software development environment based around the Atom CPU. RISC-V Atom is a customizable processor platform which is easy to learn, use and tinker even for a begineer. It also provides a wide variety of software examples for testing, a rich documentation and a comprehensive guide for getting stated.

Key Highlights

  1. Based around Atom: A 32-bit 2-stage pipelined RISC-V CPU.

  2. Provides multiple SoC configurations.

  3. Provides an interactive feature-rich RTL simulation frontend called AtomSim.

  4. Features a python based processor verification framework called SCAR.

  5. RISC-V GCC is used as default toolchain (prebuilt toolchains are also provided)

  6. A rich documentation & getting started guide.

  7. An array of software examples to run & test.

  8. A rich software framework with a C library libcatom for all SoC peripherals.

  9. Customizable, Easy to learn and tinker.

  10. Open-Sources under MIT License.


Although significant efforts have been and will be made towards optimizing the RTL for LUT consumption & timing on FPGAs, however, the codebase is not recommended for any production use as of now.

To get started, Check out the getting started guide Prerequisites.